Hide Painting your commercial building- 4 things worth knowing

So it’s time to your paint your building, and you have hired a team of professional Brisbane painters for the job. While they are quite adept at completing the task on time, there are some things they wish you knew so that they can finish the job on time or quicker than expected.

1. Let the painters do their work

Hounding Brisbane painters is one of the worst things to do. It’s not only insulting to them, but it also interferes with their concentration, and they end up doing a less than expected job. You have to trust them and their art, and let them work and complete the task.

2. Preparation takes time

Did you know that some of the less qualified painters quote lower prices as they don’t spend too much time preparing for the paint job? Preparation is essential as it’s about 30% of a good job depends on it.

A rushed job only ends up with more paint on the walls and all around and dirty walls only give rise to a poor job. So it’s better to avoid contractors that don’t spend time in preparation. The best way to find out how they prepare for jobs is by asking previous customers for references.

3. Paint ready

The painting job will be much faster if you do some of the prep work and not leave everything to the team at Chris Hoole Painters. You also save as much as 10% of the costs by doing this. So if it’s an inside job, clean the place by clearing furniture and things away from the walls to be painted.

It also helps if you remove as many switches and outlet covers from the walls as it makes the job much more manageable. In the case of exterior jobs, the gutters and downspouts should be in tiptop condition for a quick paint job. Any bushes and shrubs should be trimmed for easy conveyance and use of ladders.

4. Don’t delay touch-ups

It’s always better to do a walk-through immediately after a paint job is done to check for any needed touch-ups. Brisbane painters prefer doing touch-ups while they are there rather than being called back later for the same job.

Of course, not all painters are ready to provide touch-ups, especially if it’s not their mistake. So while you can ask for touch-ups because of something you noticed immediately after the job, you’ll have to pay for touch-ups caused by your negligence, like scratches.…

Top 5 tips for upholstery painting

Are you tired of your old furniture? A simple way to change the look of your furniture is by painting them.  DIY upholstery painting projects can be fun. It’s simple but needs to be done carefully. If you are considering upholstery painting, then here are some tips for you.


You won’t be able to paint any furniture. It might not look good. For example, if you have a fabric sofa then you have to make sure that the texture of the fabric absorbs the paint. Otherwise, your sofa will become hardened and you won’t get that soft feel anymore. You should be able to brush or rub the paint without damaging the fabric. If your fabric doesn’t absorb the paint then it won’t be a good idea to paint it.


Some people like to have a complete makeover of your furniture. But there are things you should consider. The color of your furniture must match the rest of the home décor. So, instead of choosing a completely different color for your furniture, it’s safe to use a lighter or darker shade of the original furniture color.

Paint carefully

In furniture like sofa, there can be lots of folding and tufting. You should make sure that you paint these areas carefully. You should moisturize your paint well before applying it to those places.

Use tape

Sometimes, you don’t want to paint your entire furniture. Instead, you want to paint the area that is fading. In that case, you should cover the parts that you won’t paint with a painter’s tape. That way your paint won’t get into the other parts of your furniture and spoil its look.

Use water

Before you apply your paint, you should spray some water on the fabric of your furniture. If the fabric is damp, the paint will spread smoothly. This way there won’t be any crunchy feeling when it gets dried up.

DIY projects are always very exciting. But you must remember these tips so that the look of your furniture doesn’t get spoiled. By considering these tips you will be able to give your furniture a new refreshing look.…

Top 3 paints for your furniture

If you are considering painting your furniture, then it’s important to choose the type of the painting. Not every kind of paint will be appropriate for your furniture. Here are the top paints that you can use for your furniture.

Latex paint

For DIY projects latex paint is the best. This paint is versatile and affordable. The paint can be applied to any type of surface. It is perfect for applying to dressers, bookshelves, etc.These paints are available in different colors. It dries up quickly and is easy to clean up. You can get satin, gloss or semi-gloss finish with this paint.

Chalk paint

It is a water-based paint. It produces a soft and matte finish. If you want to give your furniture a new look while maintaining its original distressed look then this pain is the best. It gives a matte finish with no shine. The paint can dry up fast and is easy to clean.

Enamel paint

This is an oil-based paint. It is more durable than latex paint. It can withstand harsh treatments, so is ideal for use in tables and chairs that you use regularly. As this paint is thick, it can cover any imperfections in your furniture. It is perfect for any type of surface. Unlike latex paint, you don’t need a primer before applying this paint. However, it is not recommended for wood furniture due to its low elasticity. It needs turpentine to clean up, so cleaning can be a hassle.

You should choose the type of paint depending on a number of factors. These include the type of surface you are going to apply the paint on, durability, ease of cleaning, price, etc. You should do some research before deciding on the type of paint you are going to use on your furniture.…